Been leaving a ton of blog comments on blogs that you frequent, but not seeing the necessary return on generated traffic to your site? Perhaps the reason is you're doing it wrong. There's a specific trick you can use to increase the number of people who click through on the blog comments you leave on other people's blogs, by making them curious.

What is this special trick?

So, it looks like this: Elna @ TwinsMommy
Or I can do: Elna | TwinsMommy
or even: Elna at TwinsMommy

I don’t suggest you put the “.com" in the name as this can trigger the spam filter and you don’t want your comment going there now do you?

I would also suggest to keep it as short as possible. If your blog name is four or five words long, consider a shortened version.

How easy and simple is that? What’s great about doing this is people are more interested in checking you out when they actually know what your blog name is.

So just include the name of your website following your name when leaving comments. This makes people curious. Curious about what you blog about. And when they're curious, they'll clickthrough to see what your site is about.

Curiosity killed the cat...