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Or... you could be sitting there thinking... oh damn, I wish I'd taken them up on that offer... traffic right now would have been sweet!

However, even with the introduction of all of these... nothing can slow Twitter down...

Twitter is great for branding, but you want money too yeah? Schedule money making tweets and break up content with cash!

That tiny twitter bird has grown into a GOLIATH of badassness (yup, it's a word now...), and showing no signs of slowing down.

Jeffry van der Goot was a victim of a twitter bot gone wild... his bot found words from other twitter posts and attempted to combine them to turn those into unique twitter content. It went badly, accidentally posting a death threat targeting a celebrity at a fashion show. (big oops, yeah Jeffry???)

You need to know what you're doing. And have the right tools. If you don't want to embarass yourself...

If you are able to view this page (you're reading now, so I'm guessing you can!), then yes - you can use our membership site software.

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We know all you want is traffic. Just connect your Twitter account and know that it's working well for you, right?

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