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PixelMe Coupon DISCOUNT Code ⋆• Lifetime Access $2445 Off Promo Special Offer Deal!


CLICK HERE for your PixelMe Coupon / Discount: http://www.themysteriousmarketer.com/coupons/software-coupons/pixelme-discount-lifetime-access-2445-off-promo-special-offer-deal/ Or visit the website: http://themysteriousmarketer.com/deal/pixelmespecial . . . Your custom audience awaits Create powerful retargeting campaigns with PixelMe By now, almost everyone is using shortened URLs in their social media marketing. (I think the only people not doing so are the people who still think the internet is a fad.) And for good reason — they drive traffic and increase conversions. But one thing you should know is this: not all shortened URLs are created equal. Yep, it’s true. Some shortened URLs are more powerful than others. Today, you get introduced to a company making those powerful shortened URLs— PixelMe. PixelMe is a URL shortener that also embeds a retargeting pixel into each shortened URL. This means that every time you create a shortened URL, you’re creating a retargeting monster that will increase clickthroughs, improve ROI, and decrease ads acquisition cost. Curious as to how it works? Here’s the breakdown: You plug a URL into PixelMe to create a shortened URL. (The URL can be to an article, a company webpage, etc.) You slide that shortened URL into a social media post. People click on that shortened URL and, because of a cookie, they will begin to be tracked. (Makes you wonder if that chocolate chip cookie you ate the other day is tracking you too.) After you track them, you will be able to retarget them and have your ads appear on their social media! So even if someone viewed your job post but never applied, or maybe clicked on your event but never signed up, you’ll still be able to retarget them at a later time. (Boom! We’re back, bridges!) Using PixelMe is especially great if you’re doing marketing through social influencers. In the past, your marketing with the social influencers was a one-time fling. But with PixelMe, you can retarget their audience and start to build your own perfect custom audience. And once you’ve built that perfect custom audience, you will notice your campaign clickthrough rate skyrocket! (PixelMe was able to increase their CTR by 600% on Facebook alone!) While Facebook is a great place for ads, PixelMe will not limit your retargeting efforts to just Facebook. In addition to Facebook, you’ll be able to retarget people on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Google! By the way, don't forget to check out the latest Software Coupons here: - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1dOjxbKslleyRSX-ryloGJhM8sStsJ5p . . . Follow us on our social streams... - SUBSCRIBE : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLoXKTTY37p_F7TJ84t-4xw/videos - OUR WEBSITE : http://www.themysteriousmarketer.com/coupons/ - ABOUT US : https://wiseintro.co/imcoupons - SOCIAL: https://www.pinterest.com/imcoupons/pins/ - BLOG : http://www.imcoupons.win/ - NOTES : http://archive.aweber.com/awlist4280637 . . .